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Safety Processes

Our proven safety processes are the linchpin to our success in the field.  Our project team, safety team and support operations completes a series of plans and documents to prepare for a safe and efficient delivery of any project.


morning action plan

When we think of a map, we think of a document that gives us clear direction on where we want to go. The Morning Action Plan (MAP) is a process that is in place to help ensure that every crew, every morning, reviews their plan for the day with every person in attendance. During this time, the crew is to review safety, work processes for the day and discuss any issues the crew might have. The MAP process is an important part of running a safe project. The MAP is a tool we use to create heightened safety awareness, improve quality and improve efficiency.

operation Hazard analysis

The Operations Hazard Analysis (OHA) is a planning tool used by project crews to identify safety hazards and control measures for specific tasks.  To complete an OHA, the crew will list the safety hazards or concerns for each step of the operation, then determines which control measures need to be put in place to safely begin operation.  When an OHA is completed, the most efficient and safest way to perform any given task is readily available to anyone on the jobsite.


Monday Morning Safety Meetings are held to discuss safety goals, any near hits or incidents that occurred. These Safety Talks are commonly referred to as “Toolbox Talks” which cover a wide array of safety-related topics. The projects will select a Safety Talk that is applicable to their scope of work, review it on Monday morning with the crew, then each person completes a quiz. These Safety Talks are an important part of ongoing training of employees and communication of our policies and procedures.

“Due to our strong safety culture, program and processes, it is easy for us to step into most high-risk projects and perform.”


– Jeff Hartman, Area Manager