Water / Wastewater

Updates for Cleaner Water

The City of Fort Wayne added UV disinfection that provides additional treatment for the required level of inactivation of common parasites.


The Three Rivers Filtration Plant finished water reservoirs that were strengthened and improved and other upgrades were completed to meet regulatory requirements and provide a reliable potable water system for the community. Our approach to the Three Rivers Filtration Plant project was to accomplish the reservoir improvements strengthening the reservoir, constructing the various gatehouses, installing the bypass, making the modifications to the High Service Discharge piping, and sequentially performing the work inside each reservoir.


Kokosing ensured that water service to the residents of Fort Wayne was not impacted. Kokosing completed a 3D model showing the construction sequence for the critical piping and equipment on the project. To integrate the two major facets of the project, we incorporated the hydraulic connections to the new UV Disinfection facility during the two Filtered Water outages. This project was completed in excess of $600,000 below the Guaranteed Maximum Price – and the City solely benefited from the cost savings.

It was clear to me that their dedication to safely providing quality work and meeting our needs was ingrained into each member of their organization

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