Rebuilding Cleveland’s Outer Breakwall

Durocher Marine supplied, transported, barged and placed 50,000 tons of armor, underlayer, and core stone to rebuild approximately 1,500 of the Cleveland Outer Breakwall entrance for the East and West Arrowheads.

Inside the project

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused severe damage to the Outer Breakwall in Cleveland Ohio. The repair required multiple layers of breakwall stone to shore up the lakeward side. The outer layer included 5 – 11 Ton Armor Stone. All the stone materials were purchased from Area Aggregates, an Affiliate of Olen Corporation. The stone was produced at the Woodville Quarry. From there it was shipped to a dock, loaded on barges, and towed to the Cleveland Harbor on deck barges. Our crew placed all the stone with an 895 Liehberr Crane.

Why it matters

Rebuilding the Outer Breakwall in Cleveland Harbor will reduce wave action inside the harbor. Reducing wave action makes the Port of Cleveland safer for vessels entering the harbor and protects moored ships from storm damage. Overall it makes the Port of Cleveland a more attractive option for shipping business in the Great Lakes.