Water / Wastewater

Making Water Safer in West Virginia

The need to be able to efficiently treat selenium has taken on an increased importance.

Inside the project

Kokosing constructed a new water treatment facility at the Apogee Mine in West Virginia to comply with allowable discharge limits for selenium. This contract consisted of a structural and mechanical construction package including installation of supplied equipment, erection of structural steel and furnishing and installation of interconnecting piping, valves, instruments and all associated supports.

Why it matters

Due to increased enforcement of selenium regulations and understanding of health and environmental effects, proper treatment is critical. One of the major sources of selenium is coal. Much of the coal in the eastern United States is high in selenium and is a major source of selenium for industries heavily involved in the use of coal. This includes mining, refining, coal-fired power and ash landfill.  This particular treatment plant technology serves to remove selenium from stormwater runoff.