Making Deeper Water for the Replacement Lock

Drilling, Blasting and Rock Removal in the South Approach for the Replacement Lock

Inside the project

One of the early phases of the proposed Replacement Lock in Sault Ste. Marie, MI required deepening the Federal Channel in the downstream approach to the new lock. The deepening required drilling and blasting 77,000 cubic yards of in-situ material consisting mostly of virgin Jacobsville sandstone. Once blasted the material was excavated and loaded into barges. A tug and barges transported the material upstream to the disposal area where it was unloaded and hauled to the Government furnished disposal area and placed. Using explosives in the proximity of the Federal Channel and Soo Locks required working closely with the US Coast Guard, ATF, and Corps of Engineers. The blasting activities so close to the existing lock structures required extensive monitoring throughout the project.

Why it matters

The downstream deepening of the approach for the Replacement Lock is now complete. When Lawmakers decide to fund the new lock this dredging work will be 100% complete.

The Outstanding Rating reflects the standard of customer service set by Kokosing throughout the performance period. Their flexibility and transparency reduced the quality assurance burden carried by the Government and gave Government technical reviewers an unusual level of effective control during blasting operations.

James Peach, Administrative Contracting OfficerUSCOE – Detroit District, Sault Ste. Marie Area Office