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LEED Certified Water Treatment Plant

Renovation of a 1960’s-era operating pump station and conversion of the original abandoned pump station into a Specialty Maintenance Building.

Inside the project

The Kirtland Pump Station project consisted of modifications involving the rehabilitation of four of the six existing 3,000 HP 40MGD pumps, replacement of the other two existing pumps with new 15MGD and 10MGD pumps, rebuilding large diameter butterfly valves in place, replacing and upgrading the medium voltage starters, adding power monitoring, and architectural modifications. The Specialty Maintenance Building construction involved extensive sustainable construction and associated documentation to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Why it matters

The project was the first LEED-certified pump station built in the State of Ohio. The project was completed on time and within budget and was awarded AGC’s Build Ohio Award.


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Water / Wastewater

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