Getting Green Power to the Grid

Durocher Marine installed three, 115 kV Armored Electric Cables from Little Current, Ontario across the Little Current Channel to the mainland.

About the Project

McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm is located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada. The wind farm is rated to produce 60MW of electricity from 103 turbines. Getting power to the Provincial Grid required crossing the 2,000 ft Little Current Channel between Manitoulin and Goat Islands with 3 – 115kV submarine power cables and grounds. Both the northern and southern shorelines required extensive shoreline excavation to guarantee adequate trench depth for the cables. The north shore also required 860 ft of duct bank cut into rock. At each end of the project the submarine cables were terminated at junction boxes. The cables were laid individually. Upon completion of laying the cables a stone sub-base, cable separators, and articulated concrete mats were added to protect the cables.

Why it matters

This is the first project Durocher Marine has completed in Canadian Waters. The Coasting Trade Act in Canada required all floating equipment to be constructed in Canada. We worked with a local marine contractor for the marine support. Several of our managers were allowed onsite with work permits. In 2009 the Ontario legislature introduced the…