Heavy Industrial

Fast-Track Project Wins the 2018 Build Ohio Award

Kokosing Industrial was awarded the AGC of Ohio 2018 Build Ohio Award in the Industrial / Heavy Category.

This project consists of two main elements: the pumping station, storage basin and park restoration work; and conveyance and roadway improvement work.

The pumping station, storage basin and park restoration work consists of:

  • Construction of a 36.3 million gallon underground concrete wastewater storage basin
  • Construction of a 172 MGD capacity pumping station
  • Restoration of the park recreation facilities to include: tennis courts, hockey rink, baseball field, picnic pavilion, playground, fitness equipment, grassed areas, drives, parking areas and paved trails

The conveyance and roadway improvement work consists of:

  • Construction of pipelines, diversion and outfall structures necessary to divert sewer system overflows to the pumping station and storage basin and return the diverted wastewater from the storage basin to the sewer system
  • Separation of combined sewers by the construction of new storm sewers
  • Restoration and reconstruction of roadways affected by the above items

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