Electric Transmission Investments

Kokosing Industrial responds to one of nation’s largest electrical transmission company’s needs to improve reliability and security to their system.


Across the Midwest, Kokosing Industrial can be found installing, maintaining and removing hundreds of miles of access roads for the installation of new and replacement of aging transmission lines.  Additionally, Kokosing is expanding and upgrading electrical substations, along with constructing physical security barriers in accordance with FERC mandates. Kokosing provides all below-grade civil work, including SWPPP, surveying, permitting, limited design, demolition, drilled piers, excavation, concrete foundations and setting walls.


Electric companies are looking to improve their aging electrical grid, as well as increase capacity by connecting new power projects. In the Midwest, the transmission system is dated with some lines built as far back as World War I. The newly mandated CIP 14 security requirements mean substation protection from physical attacks is a high priority for our country.  Kokosing Industrial has the resources and depth to respond quickly to these projects providing clients with initial budgeting and constructability, permitting, design and construction.