Water / Wastewater

Kokosing Industrial tackles the largest and most challenging treatment plant projects.

Water/Wastewater Experience

Kokosing Industrial is the largest self-performing  water and wastewater contractor in the region. Our rich history in the market dates back to 1976 when we constructed our first water treatment plant in Wadsworth, Ohio. Since then, Kokosing Industrial has constructed the world’s largest High-Rate Treatment facility, the first full-scale granular activated carbon water treatment plant in the U.S., and the State of Ohio’s first Design-Build and Construction Management At-Risk treatment plants, to name a few.

We provide a range of delivery methods for the procurement, construction and start up of treatment plants, pump stations, intake/outtake facilities, underground utilities and everything in between. Our water/wastewater clients are municipalities, private industrial and energy companies; and mining and power plant industries. Over the past 10 years, Kokosing has completed over 150 projects totaling over $1.6 billion.

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