Kokosing Industrial’s power experience includes renewables, gas, coal, and electric transmission.

Power & Energy Experience

Kokosing has self-performed construction in the Renewables/Power sector for much of the company’s 70+ years of operations.  We have adapted our knowledge and capabilities to the changing demands of the industry from environmental compliance projects at thermal power stations, to building utility scale combined cycle gas turbine plants, to the present day where renewables are center stage.

Industry-Leading Partnership

Kokosing has formed a strategic partnership with SunPeak to self-perform as an EPC for solar power.  Being an EPC means we design, supply, build, finance, and operate solar facilities, becoming a one-stop-shop for solar integration.

Power to Perform

Kokosing Industrial has the rare combination of agility and horsepower enabling us to respond to dynamic and high demand conditions of project scope and schedule.

  • We self-performed the construction of a 2×1 CCGT with a peak manpower of over 1000 employees.
  • We built multiple midstream natural gas processing facilities including 4 plants in 13 months.
  • We have a core team dedicated to the unique construction needs associated with projects that are multiple miles long in the electric transmission and distribution market.
  • We championed renewables construction with our off-shore wind, hydro, and our strategic partnership in Solar Power which enables our team to deliver Roof and Ground Mount Solar Energy projects to our customers as a self-performing EPC.

Kokosing’s project resume, and the challenges we have overcome, is as diverse as the power and energy market.  Kokosing has the ability to self-perform over 90% of typical construction in the Renewable / Power sector.  Our attention to detail during planning and construction ensures a quality project: one that is built to the highest safety and environmental standards, and completed on schedule and within budget.  With the area’s largest equipment fleet, experienced project leadership, and financial strength that includes over $6 billion in bonding capacity, we are a trusted partner for your project needs.

Our Power and Energy Capabilities:

  • Solar Energy EPC
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
  • Biogas
  • Hydroelectric
  • Wind
  • Electric Transmission & Distribution
  • Substation Civil and Security
  • Thermal Power Capital projects
  • Environmental Compliance Projects including ELG & CCR
  • Midstream Natural Gas Processing Facilities
  • Discipline-Specific Trade Packages