Hydroelectric Dam Spillway Expansion


Kokosing Industrial used its broad based hydropower construction experience to expand the spillway for an existing dam. Kokosing installed cofferdams, six piers and five slide gates. This unique project also included rehabilitation of the spillway facing concrete and rock anchor stabilization. Kokosing Industrial provided cost savings to the client early by pricing the project with a land based approach, opposed to the original and more costly water-based design.


Though it was not a flood control dam, this project was part of the licensing agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which allowed for more water to flow through in the event of a major flood.  Kokosing’s land based approach to expanding this nearly century old dam delivered the project over 10 months early and significantly under budget compared to the original water based design.

Electric Transmission Investments


Across the Midwest, Kokosing Industrial can be found installing, maintaining and removing hundreds of miles of access roads for the installation of new and replacement of aging transmission lines.  Additionally, Kokosing is expanding and upgrading electrical substations, along with constructing physical security barriers in accordance with FERC mandates. Kokosing provides all below-grade civil work, including SWPPP, surveying, permitting, limited design, demolition, drilled piers, excavation, concrete foundations and setting walls.


Electric companies are looking to improve their aging electrical grid, as well as increase capacity by connecting new power projects. In the Midwest, the transmission system is dated with some lines built as far back as World War I. The newly mandated CIP 14 security requirements mean substation protection from physical attacks is a high priority for our country.  Kokosing Industrial has the resources and depth to respond quickly to these projects providing clients with initial budgeting and constructability, permitting, design and construction.

Design Build Material Handling Improvements


This Design-Build project was constructed for the limestone and gypsum material handling systems to support a new flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber system. Kokosing self-performed construction of the concrete foundations, underground utilities, electrical, plant roads and the pre-engineered metal building.  Throughout the years, Kokosing has performed numerous projects at this facility including waste pond treatment facilities, roadway paving, drainage work, haul road construction for the FGD landfill and truck washes.


When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiated the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) and Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR), it mandated the installation of environmental control equipment on coal plants to meet air regulations.   Our client invested in advanced equipment to improve the environmental performance of its coal fired facilities. The FGD project extended the life of the Muskingum River plant and other coal plants in our region.  Today, many coal plants in our region are closing and being replaced with other power generation sources.

On-Time Delivery of CCGT Facilities

inside the project

The Kokosing family of companies are your combined cycle contractor. We utilize our workforce to self-perform all work including site civil, concrete foundations, structural steel erection, HRSG erection, electrical, instrumentation and controls, equipment setting, start-up and commissioning. In addition to self-performing construction of the facility, Kokosing’s Central Engineering Group contributes experience in Design-Build of onsite treatment plants, site utilities and buildings; along with permitting, clash detection through BIM and logistics expediting. The Kokosing team has contributed to a range of combined cycle facilities in challenging, schedule driven environments including:

  • PSEG Waterford Energy Center, Waterford, Ohio
  • Fayette Energy Center, Masontown, Pennsylvania
  • Dominion Dresden Energy Center, Dresden, Ohio
  • PSEG Lawrenceburg Generating Station, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
  • Hanging Rock Energy Facility, Ironton, Ohio


why it matters

As a self-performing general contractor in the power industry for over 35 years, we provide turn-key construction services for grassroot facilities and capacity expansion projects in this region. The resurgence of gas power brings jobs and lower cost power to our communities. The U.S. power industry is becoming increasingly reliant on CCGT plants for the majority of its capacity additions. Natural gas-fired plants are expected to have a significant increase of total provided energy capacity in the U.S.