Increased Capacity for Growing Population


In 2004, Delaware County, Ohio was the fastest growing county in Ohio and the 11th fastest growing county in the nation. That same year, the City of Delaware voted to expand/upgrade the Upper Olentangy Water Reclamation Center originally constructed in 1926. Upgrades in 1974 and 1985 had increased capacity to 5.5 million gallons per day (MGD), but it was becoming increasingly difficult to meet growing demands while continuing to ensure the safe discharge of effluent into the Olentangy River, a scenic Ohio waterway. Convinced that a Design-Build delivery system would produce a superior project at a lower cost, the City changed their Charter to include Design-Build as another type of competitive bidding. The expansion/upgrade was completed on schedule.


This project protects public health through the discharge of higher quality effluent into the Olentangy River which is classified as an “Exceptional Warm Water Habitat” and a “State Scenic River”. Kokosing provided the operational flexibility to accommodate a Peak Flow Rate of 30 MGD while eliminating the environmental impact of sewer overflows. Through the Design-Build approach, the City has a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility designed for operational efficiency and flexibility.

LEED Certified Water Treatment Plant

Inside the project

The Kirtland Pump Station project consisted of modifications involving the rehabilitation of four of the six existing 3,000 HP 40MGD pumps, replacement of the other two existing pumps with new 15MGD and 10MGD pumps, rebuilding large diameter butterfly valves in place, replacing and upgrading the medium voltage starters, adding power monitoring, and architectural modifications. The Specialty Maintenance Building construction involved extensive sustainable construction and associated documentation to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Why it matters

The project was the first LEED-certified pump station built in the State of Ohio. The project was completed on time and within budget and was awarded AGC’s Build Ohio Award.


Guaranteed Savings Contract Delivery in Fort Wayne


This project includes coordination of preconstruction design and improvements to the secondary clarifier hydraulics, digester systems, sludge pumping and methane compression systems. Kokosing Industrial’s key staff included wastewater construction experts who quickly gained a working knowledge of how the City’s Water Pollution Control Plant operated and they collaborated with the team to deliver value to the City.


In partnership with the City, Kokosing Industrial prequalified and engaged numerous Fort Wayne contractors to complete the project. In addition, Kokosing Industrial locally hired some project staff, thus expanding our associate base in Fort Wayne.

Updates for Cleaner Water


The Three Rivers Filtration Plant finished water reservoirs that were strengthened and improved and other upgrades were completed to meet regulatory requirements and provide a reliable potable water system for the community. Our approach to the Three Rivers Filtration Plant project was to accomplish the reservoir improvements strengthening the reservoir, constructing the various gatehouses, installing the bypass, making the modifications to the High Service Discharge piping, and sequentially performing the work inside each reservoir.


Kokosing ensured that water service to the residents of Fort Wayne was not impacted. Kokosing completed a 3D model showing the construction sequence for the critical piping and equipment on the project. To integrate the two major facets of the project, we incorporated the hydraulic connections to the new UV Disinfection facility during the two Filtered Water outages. This project was completed in excess of $600,000 below the Guaranteed Maximum Price – and the City solely benefited from the cost savings.

Eliminating Sewer Overflows Protects the Environment


Minimizing sewer overflows requires change, and Euclid entrusted Kokosing to help them make the changes to their system.  The project includes construction of a new headworks facility, retrofitting the existing treatment process tanks with the new membrane bioreactor system, a new wet weather equalization tank and relief sewer. The construction of the Edgecliff Relief Sewer provides emergency bypass for peak flows beyond design capacity, and the new headworks complex will provide coarse screening, fine screening, grit and grease removal and flow metering. Additionally, the project includes improvements to process piping, pumping equipment, electrical systems, control systems and site work.


Many communities are working to eliminate sewer overflows during rain events or other times of system overcapacity.  The City of Euclid is working to tackle this same issue in their own system. Kokosing’s experience in constructing and restoring wastewater treatment plants spans decades and contributes to our ability to provide innovative insights on projects, such as this one for the City of Euclid.  The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) model allowed Kokosing to add value by evaluating scope options, constructability and the budget during all phases of the project.

Project Wins 2019 Build Ohio Award


During the four-part project at the Dublin Road Water Plant, Kokosing completed a comprehensive plant upgrade that impacted nearly all parts of the complex facility. The improved facility included reconstructed filters, substantial plant instrumentation and control modification, a new lime sludge pump station, major electrical upgrades, new recarbonation and ozone contact systems, a new ion exchange facility, as well as site parking, landscaping and drainage improvements. Special care was given to complete all of the work, while maintaining uninterrupted plant operation.


The Dublin Road Water Treatment Plant is one of three plants that serve the 1.1 million residents of Columbus, Ohio and several surrounding communities. It is essential for public health that their facilities are up to date and running smoothly. Kokosing is helping the City fulfill its goal of ensuring that safe water is available at a volume that supports the health, safety, nutritional, recreational and business needs of Central Ohio.  Completing this work at a highly visible site in downtown Columbus afforded Kokosing a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities to a valued client and our community.

Kokosing Industrial was awarded the AGC of Ohio 2019 Build Ohio Award in the Industrial / Heavy Category for this project.

Innovative Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

inside the project

The largest scope of the contract is a 100 MGD High Rate Treatment (HRT) facility that uses a compressible media filtration system. The HRT facility removes 85% of the total suspended solids. The HRT facility is the largest compressible media filtration system in the country. A new 140-foot diameter secondary clarifier increased the plant’s secondary clarification process by 10 MGD. An Excess Flow Interceptor as the Headworks was constructed to divert overflow to the new HRT. Additionally, a new 75-foot diameter digester, maintenance facility and upgrades to the screening and solids handling process all contributed to updating and modernizing this facility.

why it matters

Kokosing Industrial experts brought innovation to the project through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) – a 3D model to visualize the project and enhance project planning and sequencing. Several of the new structures were designed to intersect with existing pipes, which required a number of creative pipe shoring installations. Kokosing’s Central Engineering Group played an important role in the successful shoring of all pipe by providing BIM files of all piping throughout the facility. Some of the more challenging work items included heavy rock excavation, difficult pipe schedule, dewatering, and excavation of an abandoned landfill.