Building Infrastructure for Shale Development

Inside the project

While our affiliate Integrity Kokosing Pipeline Services installed 20 miles of pipeline, Kokosing Industrial completed construction of an intake facility and Booster Station on the Ohio River for our gas client. Kokosing was in charge of the design and construction of the pre-engineered metal buildings at the Annie Booster Station as well as the temporary shoring structure needed to install lines that ran from the wet well to the new screen. The facilities pump is capable of overcoming elevation differences of 700 feet! Despite the highest-recorded rainfalls on record in the State of West Virginia, Kokosing worked diligently and completed the project on-time in five months.


Kokosing is a regional contractor.  We understand and can navigate through the permitting and regulation requirements of the local governing entities, as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers.  And we also support the project team with design needs.  Our Central Engineering Group is an asset to the project team and client in keeping tight schedules in-check by controlling critical path project items, like design and permitting in-house. With a capacity to withdraw up to 3,500 gallons per minute from the Ohio River, the overall project will minimize truck transportation of water to our clients wellpad’s and is estimated to cut their water cost by two-thirds.