Fast-Track Project Wins the 2018 Build Ohio Award

This project consists of two main elements: the pumping station, storage basin and park restoration work; and conveyance and roadway improvement work.

The pumping station, storage basin and park restoration work consists of:

  • Construction of a 36.3 million gallon underground concrete wastewater storage basin
  • Construction of a 172 MGD capacity pumping station
  • Restoration of the park recreation facilities to include: tennis courts, hockey rink, baseball field, picnic pavilion, playground, fitness equipment, grassed areas, drives, parking areas and paved trails

The conveyance and roadway improvement work consists of:

  • Construction of pipelines, diversion and outfall structures necessary to divert sewer system overflows to the pumping station and storage basin and return the diverted wastewater from the storage basin to the sewer system
  • Separation of combined sewers by the construction of new storm sewers
  • Restoration and reconstruction of roadways affected by the above items

Power to Perform

inside the project

Harnessing its vast experience in coke and cogeneration plant construction, Kokosing Industrial was selected to provide Design-Build services for a 100-coke oven facility along with five Heat Recovery Steam Generators, a 67-MW steam-driven power plant, pollution control facilities and coal and coke handling systems on a greenfield site. In addition to completing the site work and utility designs, Kokosing Industrial and its affiliates self-performed approximately 1,900,000 of the project’s 2,100,000 total manhours. Self-perform services included earthwork, underground piping, concrete, refractory brick, conveyors, mechanical piping and electrical cabling.  The plant supplies AK Steel Middletown Works with 600,000 tons per year of metallurgical coke and electrical power.

why it matters

The project was fast-tracked with much of the design released at the same time as construction. Compounding the unique needs of a Design-Build project, significant design changes were implemented mid way through construction. Meeting the Owner’s aggressive schedule required significant resources. Kokosing reached peak manpower with 884 employees and a weekly payroll expenditure of over $1,900,000. Kokosing delivered a successful project through innovation in our construction and management processes. This project won the prestigious AGC National Build America award for the best industrial project in the country.


Complex Wharf Construction Near Operating Facility


This project included the construction of a coke wharf and tunnel, settling basin, quench tower, conveyors and equipment erection, screening plant upgrades and associated pipe and electrical upgrades by Kokosing Industrial and our affiliate company, McGraw Kokosing. All of these improvements were constructed to accommodate the 100 coke ovens built for Phase II of the Haverhill project. Deep structure construction took place adjacent to operating coke ovens within the operating 200-oven facility.


One of the unique challenges of this project was working within the operating plant and coordinating construction with the plant’s operations staff to minimize disruption to operations. After a few months of operating Phase I and II, the decision was made to add a second wharf. The wharf needed to be constructed immediately and was designed adjacent to the trackwork and operating equipment. Once the ovens are heated, they are unable to be taken offline, so work had to proceed within the plant operations.

Additional Phase for More Coke Production


Success in Phase I of Haverhill North Coke Facility earned Kokosing the opportunity to construct an additional 100 coke ovens at the Haverhill site, along with a 64-megawatt steam turbine generator.  Affiliate company, McGraw Kokosing participated in the construction effort as well.


Kokosing’s ability to self-perform nearly all aspects of construction enabled successful completion of a facility that will be using best available pollution control technology to produce high-quality metallurgical coke used in steel production, and providing electricity for years to come.

High-End Coke Facilities Support Steel Industry


Kokosing provided fast-track Design-Build construction of a new heat recovery coke plant and steam generation facility spanning across an 80-acre greenfield site. The project consisted of 100 coke ovens and five waste Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Additional project components included a flue gas desulphurization system, miles of railroad siding for coal receiving and coke shipping, material handling systems, a cooling tower, condenser and associated piping for supplying steam to a neighboring facility and a substation and associated transmission line. Kokosing Industrial self performed over 90 percent of the entire project peaking at 600 skilled craftsmen.


In a world where the new demand for steel relies on the producing of processed coke – everyday counts.  Today, this client produces a high-grade metallurgical coke with an efficiency that continues to exceed all expectations.

Plant Grows More Efficient in Bulk Material Handling


Kokosing’s Design-Build team provided turn-key solutions for a coal handling power plant project in Indianapolis. Main work components included foundations, structural, mechanical, electrical/control system, process piping, fire protection and dust collection. Kokosing assembled and erected conveyors, various towers, hoppers and tunnels. The material handling system was installed in an operating plant, which required three, well-planned and executed plant shutdowns. One of the shutdown milestones included construction of a 22-foot-deep x 300-foot x 16-foot cast-in-place tunnel with three draw-down hoppers, a 305-foot x 7-foot escape tunnel, transfer towers and over 1,000 feet of 42-inch wide belt conveyor. Early completion of the project was critical to the client, so incentives for early completion were included in Kokosing’s contract.


Prior to this project, the client only had the capability to unload and stockpile low-sulfur coal and reclaim it back to its plant. The project owner wanted to be able to stockpile and reclaim – through a series of conveyors – both high-and low-sulfur coal which helped them become more efficient with the process. Kokosing’s Design-Build capabilities and vast experience with similar material handling project benefited the client greatly. Kokosing turned the project over nine days ahead of schedule and received the maximum incentive amount.

Tubular Steel Plant Facilities and Expansions


Over the years, Kokosing Industrial has provided general contracting services including turn-key construction of new production facilities and plant expansions to ongoing renovations and shutdown work for Copperweld on multiple facilities.


Today, Copperweld assets are held by ArcelorMittal, who is the largest steel producer in the world.  Kokosing has successfully maintained its relationship with the organization through campus’ transition to new ownership.  Over the years, Kokosing has completed more 50 projects.  Kokosing’s facility knowledge, understanding of their business and deep-seeded history allows ArcelorMittal to successfully tackle any project in a safe, cost-effective manner.