Special Cable Installation & Handling Equipment

Each cable project is unique to its location, depth of water, tide, size and weight of cable, length of installation, permits, and lay requirements.  Our Special Cable Handling Equipment is portable and versatile to fit a wide range of projects.  Each piece of our Special Cable Handling Equipment is truckable and ready for reassembly at a specific jobsite.

Large Jet Sled

Our larger jet sled was designed by ETA and is portable.  It is capable of handling a 5 meter burial tooth.  The sled is equipped with digital sensors to accurately record all burial data in real time.

Jet Sled Collage 2

Small Jet Sled

Our smaller jet sled is portable and capable of burial to 2 meters.

Small Jet Sled Collage


Our portable turntable has a capacity to hold 1,000 Tons.  The turntable can easily be trucked and assembled when needed to meet project demands.  The turntable will accommodate a maximum diameter of 39 Ft.

Turntable Collage

Linear Cable Machines

We have 3 portable linear cable machines.  Each have remote controls and a maximum line pull of 12,000 lbs.  The units can be configured as a dingle unit to increase line pull.  The units are easily trucked to the project site.

Linear Cable Machines Collage

Other Cable Equipment

Complimentary equipment to our cable installation services include floatation bags, gantries, control towers, sectors, sheaves, instrumentation, and various cable removal tools.

Float Collage

Cable Protection

Articulated Concrete Mats and Cast Iron Cable Protectors are commonly used to protect cables in the near-shore area, surf zones, and where additional protection is required.

Cable Protection Collage