Marine Cable Services

Throughout our history, Durocher Marine has installed over 50 major subaqueous cable systems. We install power, telecommunications, and fiber optic cables throughout the Great Lakes, North America, and the Caribbean.

In addition, we offer the following services:

Relevant Projects

Block Island

The Block Island Wind cable project involved installing a 22-mile transmission cable from Rhode Island to Block Island, a six-mile export cable from Block Island to the offshore wind towers, and four inter-array cables between the five turbines. The power cables were buried six feet using a jet plow in up to 130 feet of water. All cable installation was performed successfully off of a dynamically positioned cable lay barge capable of precise auto-pilot navigation along the lay route. Read more

San Francisco

Durocher Marine has successfully installed three, 230 kV power transmission lines and two fiber optic lines in San Francisco Bay. A special barge was mobilized and assembled for the sole purpose of this project.  All cables were approximately 13,000 feet long and buried 3 meters. Read moreCable Collage - San Francisco

McLean’s Mountain

McLean’s Mountain Cable Project brought green power from Manitoulin Island to the power grid in Greater Ontario, Canada. The project required the installation of three, 115 kV power cables across the Little Current Channel. Each cable required shore entrenchments and were laid 2,000 across the bottom of the channel. Read more

Collage - McLeans

Long Island Replacement Cables

This monumental installation extended from Norwalk, Connecticut to Northport, Long Island, New York. It involved the removal of seven existing oil-filled single conductor cables totaling 84 miles and the installation of three, new 138 kV subaqueous power cables. Each new cable was 12 miles long, 9-inches in diameter and weighed 70 lb/ft in air. The existing cables were removed throughout the winter months and the new cables were installed in the spring.

Collage - Long Island

Captree Island

We installed a single 35 kV cable between Long Island and Captree Island, New York. The cable was approximately 13,000 feet, and was buried 6 feet into the bottom by our jet sled. The cable was shipped in a tub that weighed 250 tons. A special 1,000-ton capacity crane barge transloaded the cable from the delivery ship to the lay barge where it was set on top of our 550-ton turntable.

Collage - Captree