Who We Are


Concrete Worker


Our mission at Kokosing is to work safely and utilize fair and honest principles to develop well-satisfied customers, while earning a reasonable profit and providing a level of growth that will meet the intrinsic needs of our employees.


We will be the construction industry leader in safety, customer service, quality, employee satisfaction, financial strength and responsible community membership.

Core Ideology

Our Core Ideology has not changed much in over 60 years. It’s based on our company’s highest priorities and deeply-held beliefs stemming from our founder, William Burgett. Our Core Ideology is the essence of Kokosing, the people who work here, and is the key to what drives our decision making.

  • Safety first
  • Have concern for the well-being of every employee who helps make Kokosing a better company
  • Operate with honesty and integrity
  • Be a good member of the community
  • Strive to exceed the customer’s expectation
  • Continuously improve and take on new challenges
  • Shirt-sleeve manage
  • Make a profit